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Wednesday, October 9

10:15am PDT

Cloud NativeConfiguration Management:2020 and beyond
What role does configuration management have in containerized and cloud-native infrastructure? How does Puppet work with modern cloud platforms like Kubernetes? Is there a way out of the maze of YAML we've trapped ourselves in? In this session, Eric will walk through Puppet's perspective on the evolution of infrastructure platforms and the changes to our tools and processes that are necessary to adapt to the landscape of today – and tomorrow.

avatar for Eric Sorenson

Eric Sorenson

Technical Product Manager, Puppet
Eric has been working in systems administration since 28.8k modems were exotic luxuries. After running campus networks, large scale production internet services, and sysadmin teams, he moved to Portland in 2012 to work at Puppet as a technical product manager for Puppet's core technology... Read More →

Wednesday October 9, 2019 10:15am - 10:45am PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

11:15am PDT

Delivering Cloud Native Applications
Deploying a cloud-native application requires a wide variety of carefully orchestrated tasks. To get a single change out the door, you need to consider infrastructure provisioning, deployment strategies (Blue/Green, Canary, etc.), secrets management and auditing, logging and monitoring configuration, change management processes and more. Multiply that by the number of teams deploying services and applications and you’ve got a significant challenge on your hands. It’s no wonder customers tell us that continuous deployment at scale is still an unsolved problem.Teams also want freedom of choice when it comes to the tools they use.  Some teams use Terraform for infrastructure provisioning; others use Azure Resource Manager. You can use Helm, Kustomize, Jsonnet and countless other tools for Kubernetes deployment. How do you enable teams to select the tools that work best for them while providing them a common platform and framework?Project Nebula is a new approach to continuously deploying cloud-native applications and infrastructure by composing the tools and workflows your developers already use into simple, repeatable deployment workflows. In this talk, we’ll demonstrate how Project Nebula works, the range of deployment scenarios it can tackle, and how it integrates with other tools in the cloud-native ecosystem.

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Kenaz Kwa

Principal Product Manager, Puppet
Kenaz is a Principal Product Manager working at Puppet since 2016. Previously, Kenaz worked at Microsoft as one of the early Program Managers on the Azure Compute team, enabling customers to move more of their workloads to the public cloud.

Wednesday October 9, 2019 11:15am - 12:00pm PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

1:00pm PDT

AntiPatterns in Configuration Management: Treating Infrastructure as Code
What are configuration management best practices? For answers to these questions and more, join us on a tour of this SRE's journey through our migration from one Linux Kernel version to the next. We’ll cover:
* A brief overview of our configuration management design
* How we refactored our legacy code for the future to scale our infrastructure
* How we took this opportunity to improve our configuration code review process to increase shared responsibility throughout our engineering organization

avatar for Allee Clark

Allee Clark

Site Reliability Engineer, Oscar Health
I am Allee. I'm currently an SRE at Oscar Health, and before this I was working on and with data science teams at Dell. Built and support highly available search clusters for machine learning logs. I am a product of an HBCU. Being culturally responsible is very important to me. I... Read More →

Wednesday October 9, 2019 1:00pm - 1:30pm PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

1:45pm PDT

I Know What You Did Last Puppet Run
Knowing how our apps are performing is a constant need. But when you're using a tool whose job it is to enforce a configuration, you need to watch how those runs influence performance. If you're not associating your Puppet runs with your environment's performance, you're missing a big piece of the picture!

In this talk, I'll show you the why and how of:
- Integrating Puppet with Datadog to see the impact your Puppet runs have on your nodes
- Overlay Puppet runs on top system / application performance metrics to see how your nodes handled the change.
- Surface Puppet metrics like average run time, resources skipped/failed/out of sync, and number of resources changed across your entire infrastructure

avatar for Elizabeth Plumb

Elizabeth Plumb

Solutions Engineer, Datadog
Elizabeth Plumb is a Wisconsin native who has been living in Portland on and off for the last 18 years. Prior to joining Datadog in July 2018 as a Sales Engineer, she had a 4.5 year run as a Sales Engineer and TAM at Puppet. In her free time Elizabeth spends time with her husband... Read More →

Wednesday October 9, 2019 1:45pm - 2:15pm PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

2:45pm PDT

Transforming DevOps Culture
We often think of DevOps CI/CD as a complete, 100% automated solution for our entire infrastructure management process, but this perception causes many teams to give up before they get started. While this may appear to be a CI/CD hurdle, it is actually a cultural hurdle. The key to implementing CI/CD is continuous improvement, and more often than not, that improvement must start at the cultural level.

DevOps teams often get lost in the magnitude of overhauling their entire infrastructure automation and end up at a standstill. Drawing from the principles of CI/CD itself, we will move past this mindset and explore the following human-first solutions to technologically complex problems:

* Destroying the notion of the “all-or-nothing” approach to automation.
* “Our infrastructure is too complex to automate”: Codifying your end-to-end process to reveal your “Human Pipeline”.
* Low hanging fruit: Where to begin converting manual tasks into automated tasks by observing the Theory of Constraints.
* Furthering efficiency: Developing intra-team empathy to promote collaboration and reduce cross-team bottlenecks.
* Progress over perfection: The value of celebrating iterative, consistent successes, and applying what you’ve learned to the next iteration.

avatar for Chris Leicester

Chris Leicester

Software Engineer, Puppet
Chris is from San Francisco, CA where he works as a full-stack web dev at Puppet. He has 5 years of experience with end-to-end automation with a focus on CI/CD solutions development. In his spare time, Chris enjoys playing music, cooking new recipes, and exploring with his dog, P... Read More →

Wednesday October 9, 2019 2:45pm - 3:15pm PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

3:30pm PDT

Automated Testing the Easy Way
Test all of your code without writing any actual tests using Onceover! This session will cover how to get 100% test coverage over your Puppet code with very little effort and no coding required, regardless of whether you are just starting out or have so much code you've given up on ever testing it all.

avatar for Dylan Ratcliffe

Dylan Ratcliffe

Senior Professional Services Engineer, Puppet
Dylan Ratcliffe is a London-based Professional Services Engineer at Puppet. He has worked with customers all over Asia and Europe and has a passion for testing, compliance, Windows and beer.

Wednesday October 9, 2019 3:30pm - 4:00pm PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront
Thursday, October 10

10:15am PDT

Four Ways to Master the Art of Continuous Improvement
Up to 80% of outages are preventable. With a focus on never-ending improvement, your team can release better applications faster—without the fire drills. In this talk, we’ll discuss the art of mastering continuous improvement with solutions from Splunk, VictorOps and Puppet. See how these industry leaders help teams accelerate feedback loops and knowledge share, gain insights into software delivery cycles, automate processes, and optimize incident response.

avatar for Melanie Macari

Melanie Macari

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Splunk + VictorOps
Melanie has 10+ years’ experience in marketing operations and product marketing at companies such as Nokia and now Splunk (VictorOps). Aside from discussing incident response with fellow nerds, she enjoys swim/bike/running and can occasionally be found sipping a cold beer after... Read More →

Thursday October 10, 2019 10:15am - 10:45am PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

11:15am PDT

ITIL is Dead, Long Live ITIL (in spirit)
In spite of all hope to the contrary, the spirit of ITIL lives on in thousands of organizations around the globe, and seems to be a blocker for DevOps in one way or another in many of these. So what are some of the things we can do within an ITIL framework to move towards a DevOps utopia? In this talk, we will consider how small changes can create big improvements without significantly impacting risk, and how you can start automating towards the future right now.

avatar for David Alexander

David Alexander

Principal Sales Engineer, APJ, Puppet
David has worked in IT for over fifteen years, with experience in service delivery, managed services, cloud architecture, and presales. He is a qualified ITILv3 Expert, and his specialities outside of Puppet are IT service management, technology architecture, and Active Directory... Read More →

Thursday October 10, 2019 11:15am - 12:00pm PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

1:00pm PDT

Brave New World: Civilized provisioning with Terraform + Puppet
Terraform is used by thousands of organizations for multi-platform resource provisioning across on-prem datacenters, public and private clouds, and containers. It uses declarative descriptions of resources like cloud instances, VPCs, databases, and more, to reconcile the state of the real world against the desired state. Once it's created, though, what's next? How do you smoothly bring new EC2 instances under management, connect them to the rest of the infrastructure, and handle the rest of their lifecycle? 

In this talk, we’ll walk through some battle-tested workflows that connect Terraform provisioning to ongoing management with Puppet and Bolt. Then we’ll examine the main points of integration between the ecosystems: running Puppet as a provisioner from Terraform, executing Terraform from a Bolt plan, and using Terraform's state file as an inventory source for task execution.

Attendees will gain a better understanding of Terraform's feature set, recent developments in the Hashi Config Language (HCL), and how to make Terraform and Puppet play nicely together so your planet's infrastructure is not just breathable but livable for humans.

avatar for Ranjit Viswakumar

Ranjit Viswakumar

Senior Solutions Engineer, HashiCorp
I'm a Senior Solutions Engineer and evangelist for HashiCorp. Originally from New York, I have been building my expertise in infrastructure and software in the Massachusetts Bay area since 2010.  I like to build things and get creative, professionally as well as in my spare time... Read More →

Thursday October 10, 2019 1:00pm - 1:30pm PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

1:45pm PDT

Chocolatey and Puppet: Better Together
Chocolatey is great when it comes to managing packages and software and Puppet is excellent at guaranteeing state across all of your machines and automatically handling configuration drift. Using the two together is a fantastic combination when you have many machines to manage! Thousands of organizations — both large and small — are using Chocolatey to manage software deployments on Windows. In this talk, you’ll learn about:

* The latest features and enhancements we’ve made.
* The different flavors of Chocolatey — from open source to our Business edition — and how to go from using Chocolatey at home to using it at work.
* Best practices so you know you’re doing it right.

Come learn more about how to set up a full environment in a short amount of time and see some tools that will help you master Windows software management.

avatar for Rob Reynolds

Rob Reynolds

Founder, Chocolatey Software
Rob is a developer turned founder. He has been involved with several highly successful open source projects related to automation in the Windows ecosystem. Rob has over 13 years experience in infrastructure automation and modern automation approaches (something most folks simply call... Read More →

Thursday October 10, 2019 1:45pm - 2:15pm PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront
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