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Wednesday, October 9

10:15am PDT

Expanding The Circle of Trust: Onboarding New Puppet Developers
Over the past 6 years, the Puppet team at Walmart has on-boarded and enabled 77 Puppet developers from all areas of the organization. We knew from the start that our small team wouldn’t be able to do this on our own and needed to make it easy for others to learn and use Puppet. This investment has paid off as our first and second generation of Puppet developers have moved on to new teams to mentor other new Puppet developers. It has also enabled our core Puppet team to remain small and agile. In this talk, I’ll share:

● The process for onboarding new developers. How do you evaluate the current level of contributors and when do you know they’re ready for more?
● Guardrails for ensuring developers could change Puppet code safely and without fear or taking down the whole system.
● How to build spaces for learning through pair programming and hands-on learning through applying Puppet to a specific set of problems.

avatar for Martin Jackson

Martin Jackson

Distinguished Systems Engineer, Walmart
Martin Jackson has been an IT professional for almost 20 years. He has spent time in applications development, network engineering, and most recently infrastructure build automation.

Wednesday October 9, 2019 10:15am - 10:45am PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

11:15am PDT

DevOps Performance from a Different Data Set
What can you learn about DevOps and software delivery practices by looking at data from a platform with more than 300,000 developers, 25,000 organizations and 25+ million builds per month? I wanted to find out. As an author of State of DevOps Report in 2018, I was very interested in this new data set from a large SaaS developer platform. What items pop out from the data? Are they different than what is seen through surveys where responders opt-in to participating vs. being aggregated through platform usage? Additionally, does the data validate assertions from State of DevOps Reports of years past about batch sizes, trunk development, and team size?

I’ll cover a view into anonymized team data to share insights, behaviors, and metrics that help teams build better software, faster from millions of builds, and look into characteristics of success that we can measure through our data. Then I’ll overlay that onto what we’ve found through survey data and point out confirmed actions that improve delivery flow, and open up some counter points to what we’ve seen so far.

avatar for Michael Stahnke

Michael Stahnke

VP Platform, CircleCI
Michael Stahnke is VP Platform at CircleCI running SRE, Security, and tooling. Prior to this, he worked at Puppet running PE, Platform engineering as well as SRE. He was an author of State of DevOps Report in 2018. He founded the package repository EPEL and wrote a book on SSH in... Read More →

Wednesday October 9, 2019 11:15am - 12:00pm PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

1:00pm PDT

Multi-Node Acceptance Tests for Fun and Profit
This session will walk through the mysterious task of getting Beaker running in PDK and present a multi-node acceptance test using the puppetlabs-ntp module.

The presentation hopes to promote an understanding of the following:
* Why acceptance testing is important
* Why multi-node acceptance tests are important
* A minimal-fuss method for getting Beaker running via rake tasks and PDK

avatar for Trevor Vaughan

Trevor Vaughan

VP Engineering, Onyx Point, Inc.
Trevor has been working with Puppet, and the Puppet Community, since 2007. His focus for Puppet was on ensuring that systems could meet regulatory compliance requirements while maintaining a flexible operational posture. In 2009, he helped found Onyx Point, Inc. with the goal of providing... Read More →

Wednesday October 9, 2019 1:00pm - 1:30pm PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

1:45pm PDT

Automate, Analyze, and React Using Data-Driven Decisions
Bolt + Splunk can bring the power of Investigation, Triage, and Collaboration with the ability to make data-driven decisions to deliver real-time insights into your environment. These details can help you build a better understanding of your whole situation by taking an agentless approach in operations, security, and development. We are going to show you a few examples of this and how you can fix things on demand or by utilizing alert actions to remediate issues quickly.

avatar for Domnick Eger

Domnick Eger

Senior DevOps Practitioner, Splunk
Domnick is a Practitioner at Splunk who leads the global field practice and practitioner teams that helps drive customer adoption and bring new product integrations back to the Product organization. He has spent over 15 years in software development and automation engineering that... Read More →

Wednesday October 9, 2019 1:45pm - 2:15pm PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

2:45pm PDT

Testing at Scale
Testing at scale is hard, but at Walmart, we have accepted this challenge and done what we can to minimize the risk of change. In this talk, I’ll be sharing our testing workflow, how our testing has evolved, things we’ve had to do to make PDK and other tools work in our environment, and some things we learned along the way.

avatar for Mitch Wright

Mitch Wright

Senior Technical Expert, Walmart

Wednesday October 9, 2019 2:45pm - 3:15pm PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

3:30pm PDT

Pupperware: Bringing Puppet Enterprise to a Containerized World
Running software in containers is a growing trend in software delivery. Puppet recognizes the impact of this approach and is actively building a container native version of Puppet Enterprise. Join “Pupperware” team members Morgan Rhodes and Ethan Brown to learn how Puppet Enterprise containers are constructed and the operational differences that this model brings. Look forward to hearing about: separation of configuration and data from application, the philosophy behind installation / upgrades, and how this approach may be more consistent with organization-wide application management policy. Discover how these containers are already improving Puppet’s internal testing and how these same concepts can be applied universally. Finally, get a peek at future improvement and support plans, including being able to run a Puppet master on Windows!

avatar for Morgan Rhodes

Morgan Rhodes

Principal Software Engineer, Puppet
Morgan has worked for Puppet for 5 years, and has spent the past 4 years on the Release Engineering team. Currently, Morgan is working on containerizing Puppet Enterprise and improving tools and workflows for building and shipping Puppet's software. Prior to working at Puppet, she... Read More →
avatar for Ethan J. Brown

Ethan J. Brown

Principal Software Engineer, Puppet
Ethan has been a Puppet employee for 6 years, and is currently working on containerizing Puppet Enterprise and improving the open source Bolt tool on Windows. He was previously the technical lead for the Puppet Windows engineering team, dedicated to improving the Puppet Windows experience... Read More →

Wednesday October 9, 2019 3:30pm - 4:00pm PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront
Thursday, October 10

10:15am PDT

Continuous Delivery for PE – Design and Roadmap
In this talk, Cat and Carl will discuss the challenges IT organizations face when accelerating their velocity and coordinating across teams, all while trying to keep the lights on. You will learn how Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise helps to address these challenges, and get a glimpse of upcoming features in our infrastructure continuous delivery solution.

avatar for Carl Caum

Carl Caum

Senior Product Manager, Puppet
Carl Caum is a product manager at Puppet, working to help IT organizations build high trust, high velocity teams. He is passionate about continuous delivery, machine learning, IT culture, and all things automation. As a systems administrator in his past life, he saw firsthand the... Read More →
avatar for Cat Rayburn

Cat Rayburn

Senior User Experience Designer, Puppet
Cat Rayburn is a User Experience Designer at Puppet, working with the Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise team to create an easy-to-use, team-centric product. Cat’s pre-Puppet endeavors span several industries including healthcare technology, an Internet of Things platform... Read More →

Thursday October 10, 2019 10:15am - 10:45am PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

11:15am PDT

Puppet Enterprise* (powered by Bolt)
The latest release of Puppet Enterprise is coming out in a month! This talk will cover all of the new features added in PE that have been enabled by bolt technology. It will cover tasks, agentless, and plans, in addition to expanded use cases Puppet Enterprise covers with examples of customer usage.

avatar for Yasmin Rajabi

Yasmin Rajabi

Principal Product Manager, Puppet
Yasmin is a leader and frequent speaker on building software that doesn’t just keep businesses running, but empowers engineers to move businesses forward. Yasmin is a senior product manager at Puppet focusing on Bolt, Puppet’s new open source tool. Previously a site reliability... Read More →
avatar for Branan Riley

Branan Riley

Senior Software Engineer, Puppet
Branan has been an engineer at Puppet for over 7 years. In that time they've worked on a number of projects, including module content, Beaker, Puppet itself, and our internal CI systems. They are now working as product owner for one of the Puppet Enterprise teams, focused on integrating... Read More →

Thursday October 10, 2019 11:15am - 12:00pm PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

1:00pm PDT

Chat Ops giving DevOps a Turbo Boost
When onboarding staff, how long does it take organisations to realise someone who is effective at their job once all onboarding is done? At Transurban this is a day zero activity for us, chat ops has given us a way to use our toolset by just using English. We will cover what we've done with Puppet, Webex, ServiceNow and Chatops to effectively lower the barrier to learning new skills and complete simple tasks across the business.

avatar for Mithran Naiker

Mithran Naiker

CTO, Transurban
Mithran is the Chief Technology Officer at Transurban, based in Melbourne, Australia. Mithran has been with Transurban for 4 years and is part of the Technology Senior Leadership team that leads transformational change to deliver industry leading technology solutions and capabilities... Read More →
avatar for Scott Brown

Scott Brown

Head of Infrastructure Operations and Service Assurance, Transurban
Scott is the Head of Infrastructure Operations at Transurban, based in Melbourne, Australia. Scott joined Transurban 4 years ago and is part of the Technology Leadership team that is responsible for Operations and Service Assurance of business critical platforms both in datacentre... Read More →

Thursday October 10, 2019 1:00pm - 1:30pm PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

1:45pm PDT

Using the Puppet Debugger for Lightweight Exploration
Ever wished you could just start coding instead of having to always read and learn first? The Puppet Debugger was designed specifically for this type of exploration and helps you learn and debug the puppet language like never before. Solve complex problems instantaneously by breaking into your code. Yes-- I am talking about shattering the windows of the compiler’s house so you steal the inner secrets of how functions, interpolations, blocks, and resources work. There is no other tool that gives you this kind of view and instant feedback.

In this talk, I’ll cover how to get started, basic debugger commands, how to use with Hiera lookup calls, and how to break into your code. I’ll even throw in a map reduce pattern inside a function for you.

But wait! That’s not all! Every attendee will also get a sneak peek at the new upcoming PDK console command.

avatar for Corey Osman

Corey Osman

Devops Consultant, NWops
Corey Osman is a devops advocate and operates a nimble software development and consulting company called NWOPS, LLC crafting tools and apps to help automate infrastructure, developer workflows and teaching devops culture for organizations. More recently he has invested time and money... Read More →

Thursday October 10, 2019 1:45pm - 2:15pm PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

2:45pm PDT

Puppetizing the Pain Out of Patching
Once upon a time, there was a mystical land whose inhabitants were able to manage patching on their Linux AND Windows servers using a single tool.

Join me for a jaunt into this fantastical land where you'll hear tales of collaboration, compliance and self service automation!

avatar for Tony Green

Tony Green

DevOps practice lead, Katana 1
Tony has been a UNIX systems administrator for over 25 years, in those times servers weren't pets, they were more like children. His goal has always been to automate himself into obsolescence and Puppet is the tool he's using to make that happen. Tony has worked in the finance, telecommunications... Read More →

Thursday October 10, 2019 2:45pm - 3:15pm PDT
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront
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